"Atendency" was founded in 2019, created from a deep passion for fashion and desire to help others. Alessa Kahatt, the founder and designer of this company, initiated it in 2018 to make beaded bags as a way to spend her time and, at the same time, put into practice her skills and be able to create unique pieces. In 2019, after several visits to the shelter, "Reina de la Paz" and looking for a way to help, and above all, empower the women of the housing. Arises the idea of forming with these mothers a team, where together they would demonstrate the skills and talents they have — in the same way, providing them with knowledge of embroidery techniques, a stable income, and opportunities for economic growth.



Our mission is to empower women by giving work to single moms, contributing to the improvement of their economic situation, offering them a stable income, and a safe working environment. We are providing these women with the opportunity to demonstrate exceptional talent and skills through the creation of these bags, and motivating them to try new activities and teach them unique beading techniques. "Atendency" believes that life with motivation and creativity is a happy life.

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